8 Must-Haves For Apartment Dwelling Pets

The orange box

For many buyers and renters “pet-friendly” is non-negotiable when it comes to searching for their perfect home. Yet not all apartments are created equal when it comes to the ideal home for your pooch. Here are our top tips on what to look for to keep your four-legged friends happy.

1) Legal eagle

Strata laws govern most apartments and, when it comes to pets, they vary greatly from between each state and territory. Unless it’s a guide dog, most require residents to seek permission first. The Finery will be pet friendly, although you will have to refer to the strata laws for more details. 


2) Park life

It is indisputable that the best way to keep a dog happy is to keep them active. Make sure your apartment has easy access to a variety of parks within walking distance. The Finery is a mere 10 minute walk to Joynton Park and a 17 minute walk to Centennial Park. Both parks have on-leash and off-leash areas.


3) Green space within

Dog parks are great but sometimes you want grass on your doorstep. Make sure the apartment complex you choose has common green areas, with enough space for your four legged friend to stretch their legs. At The Finery your pet can enjoy the internal courtyard, a garden oasis of lush foliage and tranquil spots for your pup to catch some sun.  


4) Room with a view

Television veterinarian, Dr Harry Cooper, visited Mirvac’s Array, at Yarra’s Edge in Melbourne as part of a segment on animals living in apartments. He met Array resident – Baci, a standard poodle – and had high praise for Baci’s living conditions. According to Dr Harry animals living in apartments feel very connected to their surrounds if they can see through a window or balcony to the ground below. “When animals have a view of people walking by then they feel connected to their environment, often more so than when they are surrounded by a fence,” he said.


5) Community Spirit

Dogs can judge pretty quickly if a person is friendly and decent. Their trust radar is highly effective. The same can be applied to suburbs. Choose a community that will love your pet as much as you do. Waterloo, without doubt, has an animal-friendly vibe.  The most welcoming example of this support is the Norfolk a paw-friendly pub at 305 Cleveland St, Surry Hills, a good old fashioned pub for the whole family, including your pooch. 


6) Convenient Care

Pets also need reliable and accessible healthcare. You can find Dr. Cherlene Lee and the rest of the passionate My Vet team just 8 minutes’ walk from The Finery. Offering a wide range of medical, non-medical and free services, the staff have been caring for pets and animals for over 10 years.


7) Fur-friendly decor

Mirvac Design (Mirvac’s in-house architecture practice) uses rigorous testing for all surfaces specified for its projects to ensure your interiors always look as good as the day your (and your pet) move in.


8) Neighbourly manners

The RSPCA sets out excellent guidelines for how to be a good neighbour when you and your pet live in a shared space. Introduce your pet to your neighbours; minimise noise from your furry friend (kindly) and have a plan to deal with pet waste. If you are a considerate pet owner, it is more likely your neighbours will love your pet as much as you.